The Lansbury, Basil Street, Knightsbridge.

The Lansbury


Canal Engineering (Architectural) Ltd., specialist in metalwork staircases, balustrade and handrails based in Nottingham initially contacted CleverLeather to collaborate on a number projects, to offer clients an option of Leather finishes on Canal products. Canal/CleverLeather has successfully completed numerous projects, producing leather handrails to complement their stainless steel and metalwork balustrades.



Canal Engineering, having secured the staircase works package on the prestigious Lansbury project in Basil Street, Knightsbridge now sought the best method to cover handrails on three separate intricately bespoke staircases.



Further to numerous design meetings a ‘method of works’ was established and agreed for each staircase and the works proceeded. Part handrails where to be covered and hand stitched in our studio and returned to be fitted on site and balance to be covered/hand stitched insitu. Each method posed different problems but where overcome with metalwork design adjustments to facilitate the leather installation and hand stitching.



The leather handrails now installed aesthetically lend themselves to the overall design; the sweeping curved lines of the staircases are complemented by the warmth of the leather, soft and luxurious to touch but structurally solid.



Canal Director, Mr. Mike Godbert complemented our craftsmanship and commended cleverleather for delivering and producing a final product that was ‘ingeniously installed, adding a true touch of class to an already splendid project.

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